Wednesday, 15 March 2006

We can all save our Primary Care Trust

At a time when the majority of PCTs are running wildly over budget, Huntingdonshire PCT, rated 11th out of 264 in 2005, balances its books year after year. Not only that, but it is actually creating opportunities to develop services more effectively.

Read this GP's website to see how bad things can get out there. But beware. He illustrates his case with a pretty gruesome picture of bed sores.

Huntingdonshire proves that small is beautiful. So why are the Government so keen to absorb us into a big, un-manageable bureaucracy and actually punish the District’s ability to deliver health care to its patients?

We must all make our feelings known. If we do, we can stop it. Effective and efficient health care for us all is too important to sacrifice for some expensive bureaucratic dream.

Please write to:
Mr Keith Pearson (Chairman)
Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs Strategic Health Authority
Victoria House
Capital Park
Cambridge CB1 5XB

and tell him you object to the abolition of Huntingdonshire’s Primary Care Trust.

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