Tuesday, 7 March 2006

God told me to..

In normal circumstances one would have sympathy for anyone mis-quoted in the media and taken wildly out of context. But this is Blair we are talking about - a man who has forged his entire political career on the deliberate use of language to spin whatever truth he was trying to conceal or lie he was trying to promote.

So, after nearly 10 years of this sort of thing, when Tony Blair utters some meaningless drivel about how weighty is the decision to start a war and risk the lives (and deaths) of young servicemen and that he will be judged by God, you'll forgive me if I don't 'share his pain'.

After all, I have personally been sent into a potentially life threatening situation by this man in Kosovo in 1999.

Right and wrong are the sole factors that should influence your decision to step onto a battlefield. It is your ability to weigh a situation, calculate risk to national interest and carry your people with you that counts, not God or your faith.

It is quite literally the height of conceit and ignorance that our Prime Minister should either deliberately or absent mindedly bring his faith in God into the equation on his decison to go to war. But remember, this is the same man whose calculated words in the Commons sought to frighten us all into believing that Iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction against British targets in under 45 minutes.

Mr Blair is Prime Minister and knows full well that his words are analysed from every angle. He knows full well that you cannot go on Parkinson and raise such a loosely worded concept without being interpreted in a hundred different ways.

No. He did it deliberately and knew exactly what would happen. One can only wonder why and whether it was a cynical ploy to steal the headlines away from his floundering Culture Secretary.

These people have started to inhabit a world far, far away from the rest of us and the electorate will always find a way to punish conceit of this magnitude.

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