Monday, 13 March 2006

Gone and soon forgotten

I hope that there won't be too many people visiting this blog who give two hoots how Milosovic died.
Men like that should be put to the sword on the battlefield, and occassionally I regret that we did not drive into Kosovo all guns blazing and destroy that nasty little bully and his drug fuelled Army once and for all.


magnus said...

My only concern has been the one-sided analysis of the conflict. A great many attrocities committed by the Croatians were ignored, sadly, it would seem, because they were willing to trade with the West.
I met people who served as peace-keepers back in the early nineties and they told stories about the violence and horrors inflicted by both sides. In once case a CBC camera man asked who was shooting at them. The soldier replied that it was the Croats, they were the major aggressors in that particular area. The camera man stated "The world doesn't need to see this" and then shut off his camera. He was only interested in stories where Serbs were the aggressors.
A declassified Canadian military document from the era has shown that a new Ustaše has come back into existence within Croatia. ( a go to for anyone unfamiliar wih Ustaše) I have yet to read, hear or see any reports on the ressurection of this abomination.

Richard Bailey said...

Caught getting carried away by the moment there, Magnus.
You are of course right in respect of all sides being as bad as each other.
In Bosnia none of the three sides lost any opportunity to give any of the others a good hiding.
In Kosovo, the KLA simply orchestrated a very fine "victim" image by forcing their people to abandon their homes and walk to Macedonia.
Cry help and Tony Blair, the new saviour of the Universe, will come running.
I think it was on day 3 inside Pristina that I took Kate Adie on patrol with the Paras when we came upon 2 Serbs running through the streets naked and covered in burn marks and bruises. Further up the hill, the KLA had a prominent Headquarters and denied all knowledge of these men, funnily enough. They did give us pizza though!! Kate filed the lead news item on BBC that night (14 June 1999??) so its there on record if your interested.

magnus said...

Interesting, I shall have to take a look at that.
A friend of the family, who designs ballistic software was taking with a gentleman in the intelligence game. He had been quite quick to point out to the family friend that most agencies in the West classified the KLA as a terrorist organisation prior to Western involvement.
Slobodan Milosevic was a maniac, so I am not trying to downplay his attrocities at all. But someday, we need to see more of the whole picture. Perhaps the story is different in the UK, but here in North Am. it is has been pretty one-sided.
Interesting blog, I have made a note of it.