Monday, 13 March 2006

Green and Gold

Cricket today is most definitely Green and Gold. The combined forces of Australia, South Africa, India and Pakistan are teaching the rest of us how to play.

India will be disappointed (for a brief moment) that England's batting offers such a pathetic competition. It is times like these that you understand completely why the Americans will export their entire food and economic culture as far and wide as they can but they have no desire to see others take up their primary sports - they have no desire to see others do it better than them in the future!

As for the Aussie's and the Boks, well their record breaking one day game puts to bed any idea that cricket is a boring game.

Nearly nine hundred runs in a day, scored at 9 runs an over. In a match of 600 balls, 142 balls crossed the boundary for either a six of a four. That's every fourth ball! Stunning. Of Ponting's individual 164 runs, 102 of them came from boundaries. Of Gibb's 175 runs, 126 of them came from boundaries. Blistering.

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