Monday, 20 March 2006

Purer than pure. Whiter than white.

What disgusts me about this Government most is a the way they break something and then constantly get away with taking credit for pretending that they have fixed it.

The current political loan debacle (not scandal) is just the latest in the incidence of political vandalism rife in New Labour and of this recovery phenomenon for which I have yet to find a suitable name.

The Prime Minister has deliberately flouted the rules to allow rich men to fund his craving for power. That it has all been done under cover makes the stench of sleaze all the more pungent but of course the Government fires off flares to defect attention from that act by claiming that the issue is actually about party funding. It is nothing of the sort. It is about men in power committing fraud on a monumental scale.

Peerages have been bought for decades, its just the level of subtlety that has changed. Indeed the entire hereditary House of Lords was created on the basis of who did what favours for the King or Queen of the day.

Under no circumstances whatsoever must this Government be allowed to assert that the answer is state funded politics. No Party has the right to exist and taxes must NEVER be raised or used to funds political parties. That constitutes a tax on the very system which draws such cynicism and derision. Parties should exist because people want them to and are prepared to fund them. I would go to jail rather than pay tax to fund political parties whose existence I deplore.

[More evidence that Blair is near the end - Brown's fingerprints are all over the revealing of this. He knew this was all going to come to light eventually and he has forced it out before he takes the reigns. See how the man at the heart of all Labour's election campaigns stays unfeasably silent. See how his agents in the Party make amazing statements that FOURTEEN MILLION POUNDS slips through the books without anyone knowing. Its incredulous.]

The real solution comes in two parts.

First we must remove all possible connection between Party funding and the Legislature. This is very simple - the House of Lords must become an elected chamber. Then rich people can throw as much money at politics as they like but entry to the Lords will still require them to do a little more. It is symbolic of the situation we are in that Blair is the totem of opposition to this solution.

The second part requires an understanding of when and how sleaze takes hold. In almost all cases money starts to take hold when an administration starts to cling to power. Politicians on the way out are more corruptable. They have nothing to lose and only a little time to make gains.

The answer therefore is to copy the ONE good thing about the American system, and place a constitutional cap on the length of time any one person spends at 10 Downing Street. This step alone would prevent the sort of behaviour that has marred British politics during my lifetime and might even restore faith in the value of elections.

For the avoidance of doubt - I despise Blair with every ounce of my body.

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