Friday, 10 March 2006

Convulsions of a dying Government

Two quick points.

Firstly, this Jowell / Mills affair really is plumbing new depths of absurdity. Some might say that they are in a media spin but I would say it was a flat spin.
She knows what's coming downstream so she half junks her husband to save her career. She spins it as wanting to save the Prime Minister from further headlines and scandal. The Prime Minister clears her of breaking the Ministerial Code even when she has blatantly broken it. He doesn't bother spinning it, he just does it to keep a friend by his side in his final hours. So Blair saves Jowell and Jowell saves Blair and herself - for now. Jowell will be junked by the next Labour leader.
These are now truly desparate days of Ministers clinging to power.

Blair's intolerable mention of his divine guidance continues to rile, but it was only when I heard the story of the vicar who has resigned due to her inability to forgive those who killed her daughter of 7 July in the London bombings, that I understood why.
Her is a woman who quite understandably refuses to forgive anyone who kills in the name of any God.
I am not suggesting for one moment that Blair went to war under the banner of his religion, but here we are living in our own country under a greater threat than ever before, facing an enemy within whose motivation for their unspeakable actions is their belief in God, and what does Blair do - that's right, he places God and religion firmly within his own umbrella of justification.
This was, undoubtedly, the stupidest thing you could do. If we didn't have a religious war before, we do now.
The way to deal with religious zealots is to remove the things they fight against, not to make it a contest of beliefs and godliness.
Alistair Campbell was right - politicans shouldn't do God.

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