Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Purer than pure update

No sooner than I post my thoughts, do I discover that my own Party is advocating state funded political parties. I am incandescent with rage.

I am supporter of Cameron but his judgement here has been flawed. Surely the Tories can see that this is a scandal cooked up by Brown to wound Blair. Nobody invited us to this party. Shut up and get on with something more constructive like stopping the regionalisation of our police forces or stopping more young men from murdering young girls whilst on probation.

If you are caught with your finger in the till but avoid detection by standing behind someone very large - surely to god, you keep quiet. Not our boys, though.

Worse than their misjudgement, however, is their grasp at the taxpayers millions. Labour believes that the State is the answer to the ills of the world - Conservatives DO NOT.

[How fascinating today's NEC inquiry has been. Brown clearly thought the flames were dying down before they had done enough damage. So he arranges for some parrafin to be applied!!]

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Daniel Lucraft said...

Same here. I'm a big Cameron fan but this has disgusted me. A supposedly conservative party has no business making proposals like this. Political discourse should NOT be moderated through the state.