Saturday, 18 March 2006

The Grand Alliance

What a great day.

I have the wonderful privilege of changing my national allegiance according to the sport.
Cricket - I'm all English, but rugby - I'm Celtic. Scottish and Irish.
So today has been just perfect. Only Wales let the Celts down by throwing away the chance to beat France.
The final 6 Nations table is published below and is one to savour. Rarely do Scotland and Ireland come ahead of England, and even more rarely do England finish so low. If Wales had clung on for those final 10 minutes, Ireland would be champions and England would have finished a truly embarrassing 5th.
The Grand Alliance of Scotland, France and Ireland have done the business.

Country P W D L Points

France 5 4 0 1 8
Ireland 5 4 0 1 8
Scotland 5 3 0 2 6
England 5 2 0 3 4
Wales 5 1 1 3 3
Italy 5 0 1 4 1

The papers tomorrow will be full of speculation over the England manager and rightly so. England has a year to sort themselves out or their participation in the 2007 World Cup will be a mess.
Andy Robinson must go now and he must take the awful influence of Rugby League with him.
League hardly deserves to share the Rugby name and has no place at Twickenham. England must re-group quickly under someone like Rob Andrew, who knows how the flowing and beautiful game of rugby UNION can be played at its best.


Tommy G said...

I'm much like this. It's a wholly reasonable approach.

I support America in track and field, New Zealand in rugby, Australia in cricket (except once a decade) and China in women's weightlifting.

Domestically I support Chelsea in football, but if things change I'll gladly switch to Arsenal.

Paul Linford said...

Rob Andrew has ruled himself out, and in any case I would hardly call him an exponent of "beautiful flowing rugby." That's more Stuart Barnes's territory.

Agree that Robinson must go though, and all his stupid selectorial prejudices with him. Cohen, Cueto, Tindall, Dawson, Dallaglio, Shaw, and Julian White should never play for England again in my view - all either past-it or the wrong type of players for the modern game. We need to have a look at newcomers like Magnus Lund, Tom Palmer, Shaun Perry and Tom Varndell. And to James Simpson-Daniel, Ollie Smith, and Matthew Tait, we need to say: "Come back, all is forgiven."