Friday, 10 March 2006

Campaign - Go!

So the first leaflet of my District Council election campaign is out. I am very grateful for the response so far. I have had a number of emails and phone calls saying good luck etc. Many thanks.

In this months leaflet, I have focussed on the work I want to do around improving youth facilities and ensuring the highest confidence in the policing of anti social behaviour. I know that this issue is very important to many people. I think that better policing and better youth facilities are, however, as important as each other. Firm and confident policing, with the full support of everyone in the community is a given but we cannot, in all conscience, continue to berate our youth whilst we fail to provide things for them to do. For them to have respect for their surroundings and neighbours, they must feel that they are a valued part of our community.

At the end of this month I will focus on the issues of affordable housing and Mill Road speeding - to which I believe there may be a relatively quick and happy ending.

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