Tuesday, 14 June 2005

They burn witches don't they?

I am increasingly disturbed and offended by both the antics of Mrs Cherie Blair (or Booth, depending on what day of the week it is) and the sycophantic media commentators who attempt to smear anyone who draws attention to her.

During the election campaign two things happened that really annoyed me. First, the Conservatives formally branded Tony Blair a liar and were then attacked for daring to do so. Second, Cherie Blair and her husband gave an interview to the Sun in which they made reference to their apparently hyperactive and improbable sex life.

Since then, things have gone from bad to worse, as Cherie waltzes round the world at tax payers expense, lecturing for money (personal gain only, not money for the Treasury) on nothing more than her life at Number Ten.

Separately they are: in Tony’s case, a shallow, vain and blatant liar and in her case, a tawdry, revolting, cheap, tasteless, supercilious, arrogant, nauseating, repellent, bigoted, prejudiced, money grubbing lawyer, high on power and acclaim.

Together, however, they are re-writing the laws of sleaze and creating a fashion for political celebrity (in this particular point, Lembit Opik (the say what ever they want to hear party) joins them having sold his wedding snaps to Hello magazine).

What concerns me is that anyone who dares speak out against such disreputable behaviour are themselves harangued into silence. When will we wake up?

In our silence we are quite literally condoning the prostitution of our highest political office for the personal gain of the most repulsive couple of individuals ever to occupy it. I could never in my life have imagined anyone or anything being allowed to cheapen the political premiership of this country. It actually makes me feel sick, not only that they do it but that decent people stand by silently and let it happen.

I recall being in Central Office the day that John Prescott punched a member of the public during the 2001 election campaign. The hierarchy decided to say and do nothing as they believed that it would do its own damage. It didn’t and I was incensed. I thought they were wrong then and I still think so now.

Here we are four years on and still unable to touch them. The Tories must learn and learn quickly, that their primary and indeed only mission in life must be to remove the Blairs from office. If they are allowed walk out of their own accord when they choose to, they will have won and the Conservatives will remain in opposition for another 8 years.

Tony Blair is a liar and we were right to brand him as such. Cherie is humiliating us all on a global scale and bringing the country into disrepute, and we are right to say so.

I will keep you updated on the depths they will surely continue to plumb.

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