Sunday, 19 June 2005

Power to the People

As the news of this blog drifts slowly around those I know and those I don’t, I take the view that for anyone to actually read it, it must be written in a lively and engaging fashion. Equally, of course, such a style will attract a good deal of contradictory thought.

To that end, I took an early decision that comments must be freely accepted from anyone who wishes to make one. So indeed, comments are welcome and criticism is expected and accepted.

Derisory belittlement of my efforts to think and express my thoughts, however, is not welcome. “Catholic white noise” it may be but the discipline of thinking and communicating one’s thoughts clearly and concisely is indisputably commendable and not to be sneered at.

What is far more “symptomatic of modern life” is the constant scorn poured on any attempt to advance the intellectual, cultural or political agenda of this country. The determination in some quarters to stamp out political debate is little more than a childish and insecure fear of their attempts at policy being exposed for the shallow, knee-jerk reactions that they are.

Such dismissive and contemptuous treatment may work to silence the know-it-all in the classroom, but it doesn’t work here. This blog is my small attempt to “grapple with modern life” and answer “the questions that the vast majority of people have” (chavs excluded, as they are precisely the group depreciating society’s value and holding us back).

My Grandmother always taught me that “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing!”

p.s. Any belief that the Conservatives are doomed and that only “taking a leaf from President Tony” will revive them is an utter contradiction since any examination of Mr Blair’s tenure reveals him to be as Conservative as any before him. Mr Blair has achieved an astonishing feat – in a single stroke, he has demolished socialism in Britain and pushed the Conservatives out of the picture and into a marshmallow-brained and delirious muddle. Sadly the result has not been the ideal meritocracy he promoted but a simple re-ordering of the same old power base that rules Britain and furthers it aims through money, power and privilege. In so doing, has brought civil society to its knees. Never has this country been led with such little integrity and doesn’t it just show.

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PDS McIntosh said...

I fear my comment has been taken a little the wrong way...far be it for my to set out to belittle anyone in particular. For me, the idea of the blog is nothing new. It is part of a rich dialectic that has been traversing society since the days of early philosophy. The collective wisdom that gathers it's momentum now does so here as well as in the history books and soft science journals of the modern age.

And if I do belittle then I too am belittled for this blog inspired my own. The blog of course can be a place for humour as well as intellect. My own cynicism oftens has a tendancy to spoil things and it would seem that on this occasion it has spoiled friendship.

Regardless, of which side of any political, social or indeed intellectual divide I might stand, it was never my intent to offend. For that I am sorry.

I do believe we agree on the issue of President Blair - in some respects - my point was that in order for conservatism to survive it must undergo the same metamorphis that New Labour took in order to occupy the centre (though not morally high) ground. True, the new meritocracy that the designers of this plan intended will never be born and true that civil society has been eroded...and perhaps it does show. Perhaps it showed in my last comment more than anywhere else. Ashamed, I now walk away...head hung low for my offence but held high because I have the ability to recognise it and stand up in order to be counted when accused. Goodbye