Thursday, 16 June 2005

Biased (and arrogant) BBC

Wandering around in the blogosphere, I came across a blog to which I simply had to link IMMEDIATELY.

It is called Biased BBC and it simply provides example after example of the BBC's entrenched anti Conservative bias.

I am not afraid to despise the BBC for its undignified and improprietous descent into blatant political partiality. I have seen it at first hand and will bring you the finest examples myself, as I find them. Whilst everyone who owns a television is required to pay a tax for the privilege and in doing so fund the BBC, it will bloody well do us all the courtesy of providing our news and programming without fear or favour. If, however, it wishes to become the televised Guardian / Independent / Mirror, then it can find some other way of raising its cash. I really don't mind, either way.

In the meantime let me recount an example from last night of real inappropriate BBC activity.

The programme "Funny Money" recounts the story of a Police / BBC investigation into a counterfeiting operation in Manchester. So far so reasonable. However, soon into the programme, it starts to become obvious that the real purpose of this arrogant programme was to get one up on the Police.

You see while the BBC were free to employ (with license fee money) bone fide criminals to infiltrate and entrap the counterfeiting gang, the Police were working painstakingly within the law to build up their case for prosecution. The BBC streaked ahead, as you would expect, and got all the characters on tape along with footage of the printing press in motion.

The icing on the cake was the reconstruction of the moment the BBC finally showed then Police what they had and then argued with them over whether they could broadcast it without damaging a future trial.

We are close to the end of the road when our national broadcaster conducts criminal investigations without the consent or even knowledge of our police service; employs criminals to do their undercover dirty work (as they admitted, one of them is now in prison for a supporting role in a murder); and puts ratings above our proper trial process. This programme was little more than a Police belittlement exercise and if I were them I would be absolutely furious.

p.s. It goes without saying that I firmly believe that our current criminal investigation rules and procedures are ridiculously tight and that as a result our police are hopelessly handicapped in their pursuit of crime. Get the evidence, capture the ciminals. It really isn't that hard.

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