Wednesday, 8 June 2005

All About the Sea

Oliver, our eldest, is 8 yrs old and makes his first post. He wrote this poem at school and it has been selected for publication in a book this summer. We are proud parents and you will enjoy Oliver's writing very much over time. He tells great stories.

All About The Sea.

The sea can swish,
The sea can prance,
The sea can blow,
The sea can dance.

The sea can glide,
The sea can tear,
The sea can roar,
Like an angry bear.

The sea can be calm,
The sea can be rocky,
The sea can be nice,
Like a bear playing hockey.

The sea can flow,
The sea can tow,
The sea can blow,
Like an angry buffalo.


Tommy G said...

This is a truly exceptional poem. It is evocative, funny, wise, perfectly formed and just downright brilliant.

It is also on display at!

Well done starting the blog. I hope it will feature lots more of Oliver's writing. Dad's I can take or leave.

Tommy G said...

That was a joke about Dad's writing ...