Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Better Late Than Never

Shortly after the recent election, Mr Blair, our Prime Minister (for those of you who may be in any doubt) had the afrontery to stand outside Number Ten and basically admit that he was clueless and that his premiership had been a failure and that he had thought of another great idea that he could ruin.

Anyway, it was at that moment, in my fury, that this Blog was really born. You see I got straight on the phone to Big Tommy G (Oliver's godfather, former Conservative colleague and owner an excellent blog that I will link to as soon as he teaches me how) and fumed. He invited me to write a guest entry for his blog and what follows is my entry, and my first published "article".

I think it only right and proper that, since the blog which this entry spawned is now up and running, my entry take pride of place here in the bosom of my family blogspot and my very grateful thanks to Tom for letting me store my views in his space while I worked up the courage to publish them myself!

We're off and running!!

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