Thursday, 16 June 2005

Conservatism transcends race, creed and sexuality.

Theresa May is the straw that broke this camels back. Today she reveals herself as another "potential candidate" for the Tory leadership. And her big idea - that the Conservatives should be nicer to women and should discriminate in their favour.

I've had enough. Tim Yeo's big thought is to pursue the "centre-ground" and Alan Duncan thinks that by having a gay leader, the party will show it has changed. That's it. That is their big idea.

Once and for all, can we understand that a conservative philosophy transcends sexuality, race and creed. The basis of Conservatism applies as equally to a lesbian, black muslim as it does to a white, english, male christian. Please God (whichever God!) can we understand that it is the winning of the philosophical and policy arguement that will restore us to power. Just having a gay leader or a woman leader doesn't make the slightest difference. In case you had forgotten, New Labour is lead (if you can call it that) by a public school educated, white, British male.

What matters is that we find a leader, one who can espouse the finest policies on taxes, health, education, transport, crime control, freedom and environment all bound together with a seamless thread of quality conservatism.

If you have nothing helpful to say, Alan, Theresa, Tim and all the rest of you "girlie men", then say nothing. You are not political leaders if you waste an interview or a speech to talk about spin and image before first setting out your comprehension of what it is to be CONSERVATIVE.

Substance before spin.

David, please put us out of our terminable misery and LEAD out onto the pitch. I just can't bear it anymore.

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Tommy G said...

I think Tim and Alan are more sophisticated than you are giving them credit for. Theresa May is not.