Friday, 17 June 2005

Is anybody out there?

I think so. You may suppose that no-one is paying the blindest bit of attention to anything I say, but a certain national daily newspaper appears to be logging in and paying close attention.

The Daily Telegraph no less. Yes indeed. Today in her comment piece, Alice Thomson can be found to have published a number of thoughts that you read here first.

Consider these remarkable coincidences:

In my post "Conservatism transcends race, creed and sexuality" yesterday, I said:

"Theresa May is the straw that broke this camels back. Today she reveals herself as another "potential candidate" for the Tory leadership. And her big idea - that the Conservatives should be nicer to women and should discriminate in their favour. Tim Yeo's big thought is to pursue the "centre-ground" and Alan Duncan thinks that by having a gay leader, the party will show it has changed. That's it. That is their big idea."

Alice Thomson wrote today:

"Andrew Lansley hampered his chances by saying that the Tory party should change its name to the Reform Tories. Theresa May's main claim to the title is that the party is too "macho". Alan Duncan is not macho, but he has put everyone off by comparing the party to a pair of frilly M&S knickers."

Not a million miles apart, I think you'll agree!

In my other post of yesterday "A leader, a leader. My kingdom for a leader", I wrote:

"The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision and it's got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion.

Alice wrote today:

"Ideally the winner would combine both their skills of will to win and calm management. But they need one other attribute. They need to provide a vision of the future."

Quality blogging or what. I rest my case. Read her excellent piece in full - "Suddenly Tory MPs want to win again."

Watch it, Alice. I'm onto you!!


PDS McIntosh said...

Good evening & the world of bloggers with it's cathatic reordering of the white noise that is symptomatic of modern life. Of course, blogging is essentially catholic in its origines....father, forgive me for I have sinned...only now it is world listen for I now long is it son since your last blog? too long I confess...and there we have it: nothing particularly new just an old idea recycled...a bit like modern conservatism...A movement of intelligent and like minded people rapidly losing the ability to see the future but find themselves increasingly looking back to the now lost glory days of their most infamous leader...I a line from a song comes to mind "Down south the old & desparate men scarifice the young & ready on the alter of their crumbling gods, mourning for a long lost glory..."

Perhaps conservatism will rise again. In its true form of course it is as dead as communism; lost to a past age...however, far bit it for modern tories to take a leaf from President Tony's book Book of Stolen Ideas, in truth that is what needs to more slow measured change & preservation of traditional values...time to grapple with modern life and start asking questions of the vast majority of people (chavs included!) to see what THEY really want from a party doomed to be in opposition forever...unless they change...

Anonymous said...

You bet I'm out here, ol'boy! Keep up the good work and good luck. By the way, your still a pompus ass! X