Friday, 6 January 2006

Idiot of the Week

Unquestionably, this award goes to Lembit Opik, Lib Dem MP for Montgomeryshire.

For services to sinking ships.


That in January 2006, just moments after his leader, Mr Kennedy, had admitted to such a severe drink problem that he had had to seek treatment, Lembit proceeded to stick up for Mr Kennedy and, on live TV, proclaim such things as:

"Charles has been extremely brave to admit this problem to the country...he should remain as leader..."
"He is the victim of this condition..."
"He has never lied about this in the past, except when he denied it whilst he was in self denial..."

and the coup de grace -

"Charles has done some amazing things for the party..imagine what he can do without his problem..."

Who could have imagined such amusement. One almost started to wonder whether Lembit had sobered up since New Year. Such colossal lack of judgement and balls leaves one breathless.

I know Lembit well enough to call him, and had been tempted to ask him to consider Cameron's offer to cross the floor, but I am not so sure now. I think the Flip Flops can keep him.

Lembit, please stop this nonsense. You have shown admirable loyalty, but its over and you are now starting to look more crazy than your lunatic leader (that's right, the one who thought it was responsible to stand for the Premiership of this country in a General Election whilst receiving treatment for alchoholism) and that is an astonishing feat.

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Tommy G said...

I don't really agree with this.

First of all, I think Toothpick is saying what he's saying because he really means it. But secondly, it's not bad politics, because you (as a staunch and implacable Tory) are not who he's trying to impress.

When the jobs are handed out by the new leader, people will be talking highly of an engaging MP who stood very firm and loyal in a time of crisis.