Sunday, 15 January 2006

My head has quite literally expoded!

I am so angry right now, I could scream.

I had a go at summarising my feelings for the government over their sex offender teachers scandal, but Matthew D'Ancona does so much better in today's ST in conjunction with its leading news story:

Last week, Ms Kelly announced that appropriate legislation will now be brought forward next month. "Child protection is the Government's first priority," she said. Sadly, that is not so. It took a four-day media furore to force the Government to make parliamentary time.

Here, to supply some context, are some of the public bills already before Parliament: the Borough Freedom (Family Succession) Bill, the Estate Agents (Independent Redress Scheme) Bill, the Lighter Evenings (Experiment) Bill, the Humber Bridge Bill, the Management of Energy in Buildings Bill, the Regulation of Laser Eye Surgery Bill, and the Vehicle Registration Marks Bill. Geoff Hoon, the Leader of the Commons, and his masters in Number 10, found parliamentary time for these pressing matters of state. So much for child protection being their "first priority".

She may not be alone in her guilt but I am sorry, Mrs Kelly alone must take the rap for this disgrace. That is the reality of the responsibility that comes with political office.

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