Friday, 27 January 2006

I'll tell you why, Ian mate

It is because two little girls, aged only 10, were deceived, captured, subjected to extreme mental and physical torment, abused, probably raped (we'll never actually know), killed and then partially cremated by a man known to be a danger to young girls; but who remained at large and free to work amongst children entirely through the incompetence, disinterest and fecklessness of your police force.

You're making a habit, like your name sake, of grabbing a few too many headlines and a few too few criminals, Mr Blair. You are also becoming a liability when placed in front of a microphone.

If you are really the quality policeman that the nation deserves to have at the head of its police force, might I suggest that you get out amongst your men and women and amongst our communities and f****ng well prove it, instead of grandstanding your ineloquence and your inability to think and speak at the same time.

Our police force is dead on its feet because another idiot named Blair invited a man called MacPherson to decimate the reputation and standing of our police without thought for consequence or purpose. He then proceeded to appoint a succession of the most uninspiring, feeble, politically correct, three-bags-full-sir Commissioners he could possibly find.

It is beyond parody that after 8 years in office, the inept words of one man called Blair heap opprobrium on the inept actions of another man called Blair.

We have sunk to a new low when our Commissioner of Police both fails to comprehend the nation's grief at the preventable slaughter of two innocent young school girls, and that he would dare to cite such a case in a wholly misconceived belief that our media discriminate in the coverage of murder.

Get on with your job, Mr Blair.

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