Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Blair faces coup

Which Blair? Either, we want rid of both of them!
In this case it is policeman Blair. You're right, that still doesn't help.
Okay, Sir Ian Blair, our incompetent chief of police.

He faces a coup as reported in the Mirror today. I rarely read or agree with the Daily Mirror but credit where credit is due, today they are onto something. I have it on good authority from my own Blue Mole that morale has never been lower and deep disatisfaction spreads right down to the rats in the police station sewers.

My views on this particular Blair are well known on this blog so lets hope this coup goes somewhere. Come you boys and girls in Blue. Time to stand tall again. Get behind your senior officers and cut him loose.

Update: Sir Ian still has the full confidence of Prime Minister Tony Blair. Excellent. One big heave and they might both go.

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philmac said...

sadly...they both won't go...sadly