Sunday, 15 January 2006

Cameron will win

I'm in a mean mood tonight.

I have read in full Brown's Fabian Society speech and I have read the Sunday Telegraph's leader.

Quite rightly the Telegraph concludes that the battlelines are now drawn between Brown and Cameron. Brown's desire is now naked and he will fight the most filthy and depraved battle for Number 10.

In the face of this is a Government who's incompetence and greed (Kelly and Prescott) becomes more apparent and less acceptable by the day. Read my article below and just realise that we have had enough and that it is time to do something about it.

I am preparing my own campaign to win in local elections in May and I do so now with greater motivation and impetus than ever. Cameron will not win on his own. It requires every effort from every liberal minded, conservative in the land.

All I can say, David, if you are reading this, is that if you fight, we will all fight with you.

Bring it on, boys and girls. Nothing, but nothing, would give me greater pleasure than to see Brown dismissed from power.

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