Friday, 16 December 2005

Flibby Floppies

Please let's be clear about one thing.

The Liberals showing in the last general election may have been the best result for 80 years or some such nonsense, but it had absolutely nothing to do with Charles Kennedy. Indeed it was in spite of him. It had everything to do with Blair leading the Labour Party and Howard the Conservatives. So basically, I am just pointing out that, amid this joyless Lib Dem suicide attempt, there is absolutely no substance behind the claim that Kennedy is safe because he is the finest Liberal leader since Lloyd George.

I could wax long and lyrical about Kennedy's political inadequacies, but frankly I have neither the will nor the time. He and I both know that the election result was a fake and that the nation is no more likely to elect a Hebridean to Downing Street than they are to elect me.

What really gets me thinking is why Cameron is fuelling the fire and hastening his demise. I mean, why remove one unelectable and highly unappealing man, only to risk his being replaced by someone less unelectable.

Perhaps his cunning plan is to make the Liberals more appealing so that Gordon Brown looks like a dinosaur rather than just a caveman. Maybe he thinks that he needs both a Conservative and Liberal resurgence to really put the sqeaks into Labour.

I haven't quite worked it out yet so I shall watch this particular strategy with interest, especially as I have to defeat the Liberals in my District Council election in May. What if my opponent takes the advice and turns Blue?

Oi, Cameron......


James Davenport said...

Last week Lib Dem MPs tried to remove Kennedy by threatening to resign as "frontbenchers" if he didn't go as leader. Unfortunately nobody thought of what to do if he told them to sod off, which is exactly the response they elicited.

Kennedy is a gonner, although the failed attempt to depose him last week has guaranteed he will survive through to the local elections as a second attempt before then would be too messy. A significant loss of support to the Conservatives in May, which can be expected, will then finish him off.

I suspect, then, that Cameron is capitalising on the current Lib Dem shambles in the sure knowledge that Kennedy will go on Friday, 4th May; since he won't be Lib Dem leader at the next election the benefit to be gained from his failure of leadership is short term while Cameron's election is in the public mind.

That's my guess, anyway.

Hope you're well - Merry Christmas and all that.

Tommy G said...

"He and I both know that the election result was a fake and that the nation is no more likely to elect a Hebridean to Downing Street than they are to elect me.

Not sure what to make of that statement ... !

frvfvsdvdsv said...

Having just attended a presentation of the 2005 British Electoral Survey ( a couple of things you should know are: 1) The personal rating of Charles Kennedy was a HUGE factor in increasing Lib Dem votes, 2) It takes a swing of just 3% away from Labour to produce a hung parliament, but a massive 12% to deliver a Tory majority - so the Tories really should start being a bit nicer to the Lib Dems. The odd of the LDs holding the balance of power next time out are very high.