Tuesday, 25 April 2006

What else can the Home Office possibly be for?

This government has been vain, incompetent, deceitful, pernicious, sleazy and shallow but never have we seen quite such a scandal define EVERYTHING that is wrong.

That 1023 foreign criminals were permitted access to this country highlights the Government's astonishing disregard for the security of our borders.

That they will inevitably have committed crime in this country highlights the government's neutering of our police force.

That they passed through our courts and received recommendations for deportation without action highlights our Government's lax and toothless legal system.

And that they have since been released to roam our streets and continue to perpetrate crime says quite literally everything you need to know about the priorities of our Government. You, the honest, decent, law abiding, hard working, community minded "citizen" come a very poor last.

The Home Office, and its various agencies, exists only to protect society from those who would do it harm. In this one incident, every single aspect of its purpose has unambiguously failed.

I am sorry that dear old Charles Clarke must carry the can, but carry it he must. I hope he feels free to take with him the Permanent Secretary, and any number of staggeringly incompetent civil servants, who are more directly responsible for this disgrace, and who otherwise will collect a very healthy tax funded pension for their indescribably paultry efforts.

No doubt we will discover that at the heart of this outrage lies the Human Rights Act, the very same Act that was put on the statute books by those now wriggling so hard and which has left us at the mercy of those most offensive to civil society.

I continue to despise this Government.

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Serf said...

The Home Office exists to make life so dangerous we all stay at home.

That makes governing us so much easier.