Thursday, 6 April 2006

Nearly there. Once more please, Sir.

I do apologise but they don't like your answer - can you try again please.

Ever such a cunning ruse by Mr Pierre Mandelson.

This "keep voting till you get it right" approach to the EU Constitution is the very thing to get people like me jumping up and down and demanding that the Tories commit to pulling us out of Europe for good.

It is Cameron's and the Tories' weak spot you see and, oh look, they are tweaking our nipples and provoking in-fighting just ahead of local elections.

Walk away, boys and girls, he's not worth it!

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Ellee Seymour said...

People don't understand what the EU constitution is. Try asking them when you are in a supermarket queue, when campaiging.
It's not just Mandelson but the EC that lets people vote until they get the right answer. I remember the same thing happened with the Rep of Ireland when they were asked about a crucial vote.