Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Life begins at 40.

Many congratulations to my darling wife, Lara, on making to it to 40. It is an amazing achievement considering all she has been through. The privations of sanctions during her childhood in South Africa, a mother who persuaded her away from her chosen career route, meeting me and falling in love, tolerating the Army and then bringing two small boys into the world and meeting their every need (and mine) without complaint (sort of) and with an eternal stamina and love.

You are probably wondering by now what on earth I talking about. That is certainly no way to greet you wife’s 40th birthday. But of course, I’m not.

The 40 I refer to is the magic number of deliveries which must be reached before she can qualify as a fully trained midwife. The end of a long four years study, determinedly commenced, determinedly maintained and excellently fulfilled, draws near.

Watching someone you love find their natural professional home is a pleasure and a joy. She has taken to it so easily and works so hard to do it as perfectly as she can. She does 10 hours on her feet without so much as a cup of tea on some days but still comes home happy and fulfilled.

There is a little less time for us boys now, but we are all hugely proud of what she is achieving and are in awe of the determination with which she has done it. Well done, sweetheart.

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Tommy G said...

Well done indeed.

To do that job AND be responsible for three pre-pubescent boys is a real achievement.