Wednesday, 5 April 2006

"Be wicked, act shamelessly.”

Thus words from the Liberal Democrat electioneering handbook of 2003.

Well they have followed their own advice in producing a new 2006 version which the Tories have today condemned. Liberal Democrats in local elections in 2006 are urged to:

“…proceed pied piper like round the Estate doling out badges and sweeties and leaflets.”

Now I am not averse to using my own children to help deliver leaflets but the whole concept of rounding up strange children on a housing estate and bribing them to help you is vile. It is possibly at bit much to suggest that it is deliberately leading children astray but it is hardly responsible to advocate luring children into activity on the basis of accepting sweets from a stranger. At any rate, I suspect your going to need a darn sight more than toffees to persuade today’s kids to do anything these days!

The Lib Dems take being out of touch into an art form!

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