Tuesday, 2 May 2006


I apologise for these exteded periods of absence. I am flat out campaigning for election on Thursday and this leaves little time for blogging. I have time for just a few brief mentions.

I am unable to conjure any sympathy for this man. He led the charge against Tory sleaze in the 90's and finally the depths of his hypocrisy unravel. I care not whether he goes or stays. In fact on balance I would rather he remained in office so that we are constantly reminded of the con act we keep falling for.

I am slightly sorry for Clarke. This problem is actually Blunkett's fault. He was the last Home Secretary and wholly responsible for sowing the seeds of this problem. He tenure at the Home Office has gone down in legend as being one of the most self-serving and headline driven periods of control ever seen.
Understandably, when a problem like this hits you broadside, anyone would spend a short time just seeing what options and solutions are available. I think that Clarke will go but sadly no one man is responsible for a catastrophe like this. It is indicative of this entire Government and actually, it is Blair who must ultimately pay.
Bad luck, Charles, you stand alone in the number of New Labour Ministers that I like.

Very briefly. This story today about RAF pilots being refused fuel tank foam to prevent explosions contrasts beautifully with an observation my wife made the other evening.
We were watching Sharpe or something, when during the adverts we are given information of an Army expedition to Everest and the website through which you can watch the climb etc.
"Where did the budget for all that come from?" she asked. "How much is all that costing?"
Anyway, for the avoidance of doubt, the MOD clearly prefers spending money sending its personnel climbing and advertising on prime time TV, rather than on protecting its personnel properly on operations.
I wish someone would ask a PQ in the House and find out how much money is being spent on this rubbish.

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