Wednesday, 3 May 2006


The Home Office admitted last night that it had allowed Mustaf Jama, 25, a Somalian refugee, to remain despite being a persistent offender who had served several jail terms.

In this one sentence, I sum up the malaise at the core of this Government. The administration of this country, politicians and civil servants alike, can not and will not place its own citizens at the forefront of its thinking and action.

I heard Rita Chakrabati, head of the campaign group Liberty, on the BBC this morning. She claimed that it was morally wrong to deport people who may face torture or persecution.

On a scale of one to ten, how much more "morally wrong" is it for the British Government to expose British citizens to a known criminal threat. 10! That's how much.

10 days into a scandal that would have brought down any government in the days when we had integrity, the Home Secretary has the gall to demand "tougher deportation rules" as if he had just thought of it, and the supine media (BBC) conspire to give him coverage. (The PC Beshenivsky story is still buried in the general coverage).

This Government has not and does not place the security of its own people first. Many of us have known this for many years and have correctly understood the impact of the "human rights" culture on our society. It is finally being writ large for all to see.

This government does not put us first, so why should we put them first?

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