Tuesday, 2 May 2006

BBC take ultimate gamble

If you visit the Times and Telegraph newspaper websites right now (10.29pm 02 May), you will find leading stories on todays development concerning the Somali suspected of the murder of PC Sharon Beschenivsky.

If you visit the BBC website, you will find no mention of it. Even on their News at 10 there coverage of the issue was decidedly tame and understated.

It is clear that there remain questions over both the precise involvement of the man in the murder and whether or not he features on the list of foreign criminals released without deportation and subsequently lost.

The BBC are taking a big gamble. Rarely are such stories cover so differently by the broadsheets and serious broadcast media.

What really made me write this post, however, was the inference given in their TV news report, that no-one could ever, under any circumstances be considered for deportation to Somalia, as their human rights would be compromised.

I think I can be clear in my post when I say that I believe anyone foreign national convicted and incarcerated in the United Kingdom has betrayed the trust afforded them and should be deported immediately and without concern for their security beyond our borders.

If this man, who served a sentence for robbery and was, allegedly, not considered for deportation, went on to kill a British policewoman, time will be up for Clarke and Blair and the BBC will have made an horrific mistake.

The real fall-out from this story will be felt in the polling stations on Thursday in Bradford, the scene of the killing, and in the number of votes cast for the BNP.


PDS McIntosh said...

I think you might onto something there sir...Not only should it impact on Clarke's position but it will certainly impact votes cast on thursday

Ellee Seymour said...

Well said. It was inexcusable not to put the safety and well being of our citizens first.