Saturday, 3 September 2005

Welcome to my world

You may have been wondering, nay, possibly concerned, about my silence over the past month.

Well there are a number of reasons - a summer holiday for one (including a gorgeous week in France, near Bordeaux, courtescy of our wonderful friends, Phil and Vanessa). Addictive and nerve shattering cricket for two (I told you cricket rocked!). Doing the old DIY and odd jobs round the house for three (also preparing a room for our delightful new au pair, Klaudia from Hungary).

But most of all, and most thrillingly, my time has been occupied by the preparation for the creation of my new business, which is formally brought into being on Monday morning.

No more commuting, no more London, no more outrageous parking and train fares or rip-off sandwiches at Pret.

Please welcome Countryside Communications - a specialist public relations consultancy communicating to, for, about and from the countryside.

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