Wednesday, 20 September 2006

The Morning Rant

A new daily viewspaper on the blogosphere....

Corruption in football is of not of the slightest importance to Government and the Minister should not waste another ounce of breathe or time concerning himself with it. The people for whom this is a matter of concern are the football fans who ultimately fund it all. So the real answer to stopping this, is for the fans to stop paying ludicrous prices to see and wear football. Make these overpaid tossers play in silence to empty grandstands for the month of November and they will soon get the message.

Can someone please tell me what exactly is wrong with having to sell your home when you move into care and why it should be a matter of concern that the proceeds would pay for that care? It occurs to me that this situation exists because increasingly children do not look after their parents. So someone has to and that someone must be paid. What you do not do for yourself, you must pay for - that is called choice, and no, it is not the responsibility of the state to spoon feed everyone. So either let your parents pay for their own care to whatever standard they choose through whatever means they have and accept the fact that your inheritance is spent - or do it yourself and keep the cash. Simple really.

I am frankly disappointed by the Tories new logo. I loved the tree idea, especially a detailed tree that looked like an Oak. It carries such immediate ideas of stability, protection, environmental stewardship, growth. I also loved that it had been selected and designed by the blogosphere community, the freshest and most vibrant political body in existence in this country today. Sadly, however, instead of just going with the idea and thus cementing their relationship with these people, Cameron and 'Mad' Maude had to give it to a pricey consultant who completely lost the plot. At the very moment when everything about you must scream detail, clarity and distinctiveness, we Tories create a shoddy scribble that seems to say "oh that'll do!". Well it won't. Your policies need detail and so does your logo. Please sack 'mad' Maude. He is like an embarrassing Dad trying to dance at your school disco. He is trying too hard to be cool, and getting it all hopelessly wrong.


Tommy G said...

"Can someone please tell me what exactly is wrong with having to sell your home when you move into care and why it should be a matter of concern that the proceeds would pay for that care?"

Because old people have paid their taxes, and are not receiving the benefit in old age. They have been misled by governments who have raided their savings and national insurance contributions.

By the way, you are far too generous to the blogging community, which is massively overrated. Most bloggers can't write for toffee.

Richard Bailey said...

Surely you are confusing nursing care with normal care.
Their taxes have been spent on the advanced care and drugs that now enable people to live long into their decrepitude. Healthcare from cradle to grave should be concerned with sickness.
Old age is not a sickness, it is a state of being and it should not be funded by the state.

Anyway, if this were the reason, this story would be on the front of the Guardian rather than the Daily Mail. So I stand by my comment - the reason the Mail feature it so prominently is because the middle class people they try to represent are annoyed that they are going to lose out on their inheritance despite choosing not to help themselves.