Tuesday, 26 September 2006

More Relish

Note to David Cameron:

In the year that you have been Leader, I have supported you unwaveringly. I have fought your corner countless times Conservative Home's "complaints section" and I have even tolerated your charitable employment of Mad Maude.

You have spent an outstanding year transforming the perception of our party. Many people of a neutral or even centre-left persuasion are listening to you and us now, and with every word that Heffer and Tebbit utter, more people are convinced of that change. You have aplogised for the most obvious and serious of your predecessors mistakes, you have dragged the Party into the 21st century and you have made surprising new friends.

However, this time next week that phase of your strategy must come to an end. This time next week you must lead out into a year or more of unbridled and unrelenting opposition. You must expose the shallow grave of New Labour's legacy and condemn any thoughts of Labour's second chance. People are now ready to hear and understand William's prophetic 2001 election slogan "You paid the taxes, so where's the service."

You must expose the degradation of our society, the chaos of our public services and the collapse of our vandalised constitution. You must lead a united and committed shadow team and you must dispense with any who have become conceited or perhaps simply too comfortable in their tea-room chair. [Word to the wise: Osbourne isn't cutting it.]

Tactically, it may be too soon to announce your policies, but with a Government in freefall, a Prime Minister on a farewell tour and a Leadership contest underway, you have the advantage of some shooting practice in advance of the main event. It is time to get your eye in with some live bait and if you don't take this opportunity I will lead the search for someone who will.


Ellee said...

I think it's important to outline some policies, or their direction, as well as solidifying the ground Cameron has already made, proving he is a man of substance, not spin, he needs to be convincing and sincere.

UK Daily Pundit said...

Well said, Richard. The conference should be quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

and did you see the policies, at least outlines, that we were hoping for? Or was there yet more spin, more websites focussing solely on image?

exiled said...

a blog with comment approval by the blog author. some might call it censoring? or is it just a fear of what people may post? control freakery is not only a new labour issue then.

Richard Bailey said...

Exiled - You display only your own ignorance. Set up your own blog and discover for yourself the spamming and wierdos that plague us. This is my space and I will not have it defiled by morons.
If you are truly in exile, please stay there.

exiled said...

the caring sharing face of the new Conservative party. delightful.

so if there are so many spammers out there why aren't blogs like Guido's full of them? and why doesn't he have comment approval?

Richard Bailey said...

Once again - uninformed. Guido most certainly does exercise his right to delete posts as he sees fit. Iain Dale does so, and so do thousands of others.
You can disagree with my point of view to your hearts content but I reserve the right to prevent libellous or personally offensive comments from appearing in MY space.
The real censorship in all of this is your refusal to be identified.
Why do you hide behind some ridiculous pseudonym? Ashamed of your views?

tjlawrence said...

but on guido's it doesn't get verified, have comment approval, by him before being posted. it gets put straight up and then i guess he takes them down if there is something he doesn't like there.

not ashamed of my views at all. i initially posted to enquire as to whether or not you thought the policies you wanted to see had been revealed and what your response to the apparent lack of policies was. but then got carried away by the vetting of posts.

i will try and set up a blog this evening outlining who i am and post the link here so you can see who i am. (i think i'm one of those you mentioned on your other blog, the youth without blogs)

gforguiri said...

here you go.

Richard Bailey said...

TJ, Lovely to meet you and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings!
I assure you I rarely block anything, but if I do it is only becasue it is libellous or highly offensive in a personal way. Indeed I published the last thing I blocked as an example of my policy. Search for Anonymongs in my archive.
If you set up a blog, I advise the use of moderation, otherwise you may find sexual spam hitting your site and people leaving salacious and libelous comments without you realising.
I am also an elected Cllr and I simply can't afford to host such comments.
Have fun. It is your space. You call the shots.

As for Cameron's speech....well that will be the subject of a post very soon!!

gforguiri said...

just noticed that guido now has comment moderation. there are trolls everywhere.