Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Tired old Tory

David Cameron really riled the Prime Minister at PMQ's today. He poked and prodded on the issue of the Home Office and the PM got angry and very strident in his defence. He knows it's a gaping sore in his administration but he just can't keep his cool and brush the criticism off.

Sadly, all Cameron's good work was lost right at the end, when some tired old moron of a Tory MP (Mackay, I think) stood up and asked the mother of all stupid questions:

"Why has it taken the Prime Minister 9 years to realise that the Home Office needs an overhaul?"

The Prime Minister lost no time in accepting the invitation to turn the question on its head and draw attention to the obvious implication that the Home Office was in a shambolic state when they took it over in 1997. Under pressure he moved quickly to contrast them and us.

Under less pressure and from the comfort of my office chair, I answered the question for Mr Blair more succinctly ("A Tory who finally admits how shambolic things were when we swept you away in '97! Mr Cameron will be so pleased.") and with a number of contemptuous expletives directed at the questioner.

Might I remind any Tory MP's who might drift past this blog post, that PMQ's should be used to humiliate the other side, not your own.

It must be so disheartening to sit amongst such mindless people who have both the right and inclination to open their mouths without permission.

You looked like a complete prat, Mackay, and you undid everything that your Leader had just done. Thank god for the A List and the proper screening of Tory candidates. Perhaps we can prevent such brainlessness in future generations.

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UK Daily Pundit said...

Richard, I agree with your comments about Andrew MacKay's daft question. It was a waste of a question and a missed opportunity. But I disagree that Cameron got Blair riled.

Compared to recent weeks, Blair battered him. If DC had done the job properly with the first four questions he wouldn't have had to continue on the same subject with the last two.

And let's face it, with the state the Home Office is in, Cameron should have been able to nail Blair with one question, let alone six. His performance was amateurish.