Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Winding Down?

That is now the second little quip the Prime Minister has made that in other times would have caused uproar.

A week ago at his monthly press conference, he told his audience in relation to the Moscow spy intrigue, that "we never comment on security issues.....unless it suits us of course!!" A quality joke that would grace any script of Yes Minister.

Now today, at PMQ's, when quizzed indirectly about his failure to vote and the Govt's defeat, he quips that "in relation to the vote on Education reforms, perhaps I should turn up next time."

Such jokes and quips have been missing from our political establishment for too long, brutally snuffed out by our petty and supercilious media, and we welcome them back. But doesn't it just underline Mr Blair's current state of mind.

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Anonymous said...

He makes those kind quips quite often. I get the impression he knows he's on the home straight and therefore not particularly bothered either way.