Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Very brave, Minister

The exchange between Tim Yeo and Tony Blair at the Commons Liaison Committee this morning was surreal in the extreme.

Tim Yeo, experienced campaigner, went for the PM over his Government's Climate Change inadequacies. The Tories are very big on environment and climate change now and it is fertile electoral ground.

That is, up to the point where you suggest that the public should be told that their days of cheap flights and exotic travel are over.

The PM sidestepped Tim's lure into that particular trap and Mr Blair fought bravely against the temptation to ask whether the Tories might be fighting the next election with a pledge to put flight costs through the roof.

It would be a brave politician indeed who went to the polls with a pledge to end cheap flights to Bordeaux, Ibiza and Lesbos. No votes in it, see! No matter how right the policy would clearly prove to be.

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