Saturday, 19 November 2005


I have submitted a comment on the BBC site about Paxman but they never put my comments up so i thought I would copy it here.

Paxman has "interviewed" (grand word for a rather pitiful experience) both of the Leadership contenders. Clearly Cameron enjoyed the experience but judging from the sweat on Davis's neck, he did not. The only news worthy item to emerge from it was Davis's backtracking on his tax cuts promise just days earlier, but nobody seemed to notice or care.

The Editor of Newsnight proclaims that "'s right that they should be subjected to detailed scrutiny of their principles and policies."

Indeed, but sadly JP so loves to bathe in his own cynicism that he rarely gets round to the process of scrutiny.

He may be entertaining but only in a medieval witch-finding sort of way. Actually he is predictable, belligerent and sneering and is largely responsible for the way that many people now view politcs and those who pursue it.

It is a sad but very accurate indictment of the BBC that he remains their witch-finder general.

P.S. I have never quite understood why anyone mocks Howard for his infamous JP interview. It was masterful politics. In fourteen answers he never once lied or lost his nerve. He beat JP hands down and should be immensely proud of it.

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