Sunday, 13 November 2005

It would be funny if only it weren't so serious

Last week we had the most hateful and spiteful Government policy and this week we have the most ridiculous and controlling policy.

I have been in many Minister / Civil service meetings and a good number have come up with some very silly policies indeed. Thankfully they tended to be laughed out of court and never heard of again. This one slipped through and one just wonders who came up with it and why in all the months that a team worked on it, nobody dared say "this is tosh".

After many years of the most despicable politicisation of the Civil Service, one wonders whether they are finally biting back. In the same week that Sir Christopher Meyer publishes a book of such brazen slutishness, a team of Education Department civil servants put a minister in front of the media to announce that the acts of walking, talking and pooing would now be learnt by curriculum. That the very fusion of a baby's new brain links would be subject to Government targets.

If this was a joke by departmental officials, then it was bloody funny and I look forward to many more. If however, it was not, then we may be approaching the most traumatic and disturbing part of a Government's downfall. You see it is instinct that whenever you are falling, you grab at literally anything you can see to break your fall. It is now that civil servants trying to lighten their day by making facetious remarks in Ministerial meetings must be on their guard.

In the meatime we can see where this government is going and although we know that we are all responsible and that we have just had our chance to retire them, we know now that the kindest solution to this desparate Government is the bullet. Lets just hope that nothing too serious happens before we work out where we put the gun.

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