Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Cut in haste, pay at leisure.

If I can adapt the much loved phrase "marry in haste, repent at leisure" to this Budget, I would say "cut in haste, pay at leisure".

This Budget and indeed the political activity of the last few days, provides all the evidence you need that Cameron is now running the country.

Cameron leads on environment, Gordon turns green. Cameron leads a Doctors rally, Gordon (& Tony) hold tortuous press conference on public services. Cameron looks for tax cuts, Gordon delivers - but just to out flank Cameron.

Gordon's mistake is that everything he is currently doing is designed to destroy Cameron. He can't help himself. He is the ultimate class warrior.

The trouble is that twisting and turning to outwit Cameron is a world apart from leading the country and his obsession will be seen for what it is.

I admire the loyalty of those who love Gordon, but even they must smart at some of the things he has and will do to win the votes of middle England. He is betraying his principals, the poorest in society and his supporters, but Gordon's "destiny" is more important than good or principalled leadership.

I may not like the policies they hold, but I do respect Socialists such as Tony Benn, who stand up for what they believe, argue with passion and honesty and take the rough with the smooth. Brown is the epitomy of true Scottish socialist / communist conviction, but he has done nothing for the poor. If anything, he has made their lives vastly worse by complicating the benefits process beyond their intellectual capability, failing the education system and standing by while crime and disorder in our poorer communities becomes endemic.

I despise his conceit. I despise his class warfare. And I despise his cynical, deceitful approach to government.

Admirable Chancellor - disastrous Prime Minister in waiting.

Pretty much sums it up for me.

Update: Did I really say 'admirable'?? Should read "abominable"!


Tommy G said...

'Admirable Chancellor'? Really?!

Talented, in his way, certainly. But admirable? Stealth taxes on the public, ruinous taxes and regulation on business, raiding pensions, triple counting spending figures, blocking proper reform of the public services - none of these add up to an impressive legacy.

I think 'admirable' is a bit generous, my old friend.

Tommy G said...

Nice update!