Tuesday, 5 December 2006

The Perth Test

The England team for the 3rd Test in Perth should be:

Strauss (Captain)

Six batsmen; 7 bowlers; 1 decent wickie.

Strauss must be Captain. Then and only then will he come to the party.
Cook will get there (remember, Bell was worse than this in 2005!)
Bell is on the verge of something special.
Number 4 is the place for the best batsman. KP must move up and send out a more positive message.
5 is the place for devastation and for the world’s best all rounder. Enter Freddie breathing fire.
Despite his double century, Colly is a dependable support act for superior batsmen above him and also the best man to bat with the tail to maximum effect.
Keepers are there to take wickets and save runs. He is technically better at that than Jones.
Mahmood is as good a bowler as Anderson and will support Hoggard and Flintoff more effectively. As it happens he is also a cocky batsman who loves to get whatever runs he can.
Monty may be quiet and unassuming, but he is also lethal.


Ellee said...

I can see you are back on blogging form with a passion, though I'm afraid cricket is not one of my hot topics.

Just wanted to ask if you are off to the Iain Dale/Guido bash for bloggers who contributed to the Little Red Book.

Hope you are enjoying your new political life.

Anonymous said...

Good line up....bit a cheek that I get most of my ideas from you! I always thought it was a dialectic...sign up for sportingo. Your comments will be valued I'm sure...