Thursday, 24 August 2006

Good and bad in everything!

Click here to see a 4min 52sec challenge to my assertion (below) that football has never been the beautiful game!

His name is Ryan Giggs and over the past 15 years, his choice to play for Wales has cost England at least one major global trophy. He is the devastating player/winger of his generation and in my humble opinion one of the most agile and elegant players ever.

(I have found You Tube!!)


Adrian Yalland said...

Clearly a man of integrity (one of the few in the ugly game) to have turned down the chance of playing for England out of a sense of duty to his home nation!

Richard Bailey said...

I am reliably informed (sort of) that (allegedly) he actually only went 'Welsh' to piss his father off!!

Tommy G said...

He's half Welsh, which means he is Welsh.

He also changed his name from Wilson to his mother's maiden name of Giggs.