Tuesday, 25 July 2006


People who offer comments anonymously and who simply hurl abuse without the courtesy of arguing their case, will not, from this moment forward, see their comments posted.

Just for the purposes of clarity, this, offered just a short time ago, is the sort of thing I mean:

"You really are a ***** **** aren't you Richard. Oh, and why do you use a picture of Steve Davies?" Anonymous.

Brave and clever little boy, aren't you, Anonamong. You are actually the first to offer me such mindless abuse, and, whilst I doubt you will be the last, yours will be the only one to be held up to ridicule.

Who is 'Steve Davies' by the way? I mean, you say it as if we should all know this person. Have you mispelt the word? Do you mean the world famous snooker player, perhaps?
Now fuck off back to whichever little stone you crawled out from under, you servile little creep. If I want your opinion in future, I'll give it to you.


icedink said...

Hello from another St Neots blogger.

PDS McIntosh said...

Well said Sir...don't forget...Pineau...cheers

Chris Palmer said...

I find meeting abuse with abuse to be rather soothing.

Physical violence with inanimate objects often works well too.

Adrian Yalland said...

Richard, do you still have that shot gun under your bed?