Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Hoon's "trench foot" starts to smell

There are a number of faults with the American political system, as there are with all political systems, but the one element that I believe they have absolutely right is the time limit they place on their Presidents. Two terms, eight years and thanks very much for coming.

I sense that this limit keeps politics and politicians fresh, motivated and constantly thoughtful. It also keeps the public a little more interested. Surprisingly it doesn't lead to short term-ism because at the eight year point, ex presidents are just as keen to hand over to their party successor as they would be to win themselves. They have to think ahead to achieve this.

Most importantly it avoids the most revolting of British political traits - the bad smell of politicians who have out-stayed their welcome and gone off.

Cue Geoff Hoon - the man most representative of everything that is so repulsive about New Labour: Unintelligent, vain, incompetent, evasive, shallow and deceitful - and today's news that he wants voting to made compulsory, fines for failing to vote and (wait for it) more respect for politicians.

The man who almost single-handedly conspired to put the most senior ranks of Government and the security forces in the dock, wants more respect for politicians and to fine people for not voting.

Deep breathe, count to ten........

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