Sunday, 26 November 2006

Take a vote - this or speed cameras

We have something of a speeding problem along our stretch of the A1 and I along with other councillors am trying to find a resolution.
Sadly, I fear it may not be as simple as this...

(I make no comment other than to say that you need neither an understanding of Danish nor any level of volume. Any one offended by female "birthday suits" may want to skip on by.)

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Hat tip to Iain Dale

Middle & Off Ashes Blog

A very good friend has started an Ashes Blog.
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Why am I doing this?

I am one of the mugs who have tried to reorganize their day to accommodate a bit of live cricket, but if this is how we are to be rewarded, then frankly they can all go to hell in a hand cart.
Flintoff hasn’t got a clue what to do. Honestly, even if he has to bat at 11 with a runner, I would prefer Vaughan to be brought back immediately.
Our great “batting solution” to play Giles and Jones in place of Panesar and Read, managed to accumulate a mere 43 runs. Frankly I would rather have a proper spinner and keeper who could do something about the number of runs being scored by the opposition in the first place.

How can it be that the England manager and captain have forgotten the simple fact that in cricket, it doesn’t matter how many runs you score yourself, but you can ONLY win by taking 20 wickets and getting the other side out twice. Therefore you must make your bowling attack the very best you can.

Love, Love, Divorce. Love, Love, Divorce.

On the news that Heather Mills is quitting Britain for good, I am compelled to say what I have been longing to say for a while.
This whole divorce / gold digging affair just couldn’t have happened to nicer people. Bye bye Mills, and if you can take McCartney with you all the better.
Don't you wonder about the rather odd release of a new Beatles Love Album? Fundraiser to pay off Mills without making quite such a dent in your finances perhaps?

Complete surrender

How ironic that the Govt’s efforts to restore peace to Northern Ireland are nearly reduced to a pile of rubble by a man only free to roam the streets because of their own Early Release Scheme. The pony tailed prat was sentenced to ovewr 600 years in prison in 1989 and released 11 years later.
Sorry mate but we surrendered ages ago.

Thursday, 23 November 2006

Fletcher and Flintoff have f~**&^*d up and I am furious

Fletcher’s crimes:

Woefully inadequate preparation of our strike bowlers
Pathetic handling of Trescothick
Picking Flintoff as Captain. He may be the best player on the pitch and a genuine inspiration, but that does not make him a Captain. The Captaincy will do nothing but dilute and suffocate the very flair that makes him so dangerous. Flintoff leads by being ‘mates’ with the players and it doesn’t work.
Failure to stand up for English cricket and throw the recent ICC Champions trophy to the dogs, in favour of a proper build up to this series in Australia.
Over reliance on injured players coming straight back to the team without form. Giles, Flintoff, Harmison, Anderson all fit that bill. There is even talk of Vaughan playing in later tests even though he has not played since the last Ashes series.
Staggering decision to pick Giles over Panesar for this Test just because Giles MIGHT score a few runs. If you are looking for a bowler who can slog some runs, try Mahmood, who scored 46 runs just three days ago.
The team decision this morning told the Aussies that we have no confidence, and if you do that you might as well stay at home.

Flintoff’s crimes:

Conspiring with Fletcher to allow the above list of crimes to takes place
Preference for Giles over Panesar and Mahmood over Anderson. Panesar must have burst into tears when he saw Pieterson being asked to bowl spin.
Failure to react to what the pitch and the batsmen were showing him in the first session. Harmison did not bowl that well but ball after ball went flying through extra gulley, yet he never once plugged the gap.
Flintoff didn’t think today and he didn’t manage his bowlers. He lost control early, had no plan and chased the game for most of the day.

If this is the tone of the series then Flintoff can only expect to go the way of our last cricketing great – I.T. Botham, and England will come home empty handed.

Make Vaughan Captain again, crutches and all.